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2012-01-27 12:39:03 by fuzzum111

Look a new user icon fuck yea editing useless things!

Yea new news post.

5k points :3

2010-09-21 09:34:50 by fuzzum111

Yay I got 5000 points

ove 4k points :D

2010-03-25 07:46:43 by fuzzum111

I gots over 4000 game points yay

I hit level 25

2009-12-13 17:45:18 by fuzzum111

Wootsauce I hit lv 25 I got the Nunchucks now n.n

lack of comments

2009-03-05 21:55:58 by fuzzum111

Why does everyone vote but no one comments on mah musics, I could use tips on how to improve x.x


2008-11-21 17:19:53 by fuzzum111


Leave a comment dang it, I'll give you a subject even! I'm a furry!

This sucks

2008-10-15 23:01:55 by fuzzum111

no one wants to comment on my userpage v.v I mean even when I make a good topic no one does

Bouness points for multi commenting.

A bright(slightly stolen idea)

2008-05-14 19:21:13 by fuzzum111

A Comment compatition thats right!!

Well lets see, what will the prize listing be.

200th comment get some cool muic that I have heh.

450th comment gets my MSN name so we can chat regulraly.

825th comment gets something great? you'll find out.

I R lv 15!!

2008-05-07 18:08:10 by fuzzum111

I'm lv 15 woot, anyone got anything to say?